Leonardo tool for Ferrari , Lamborghini , Maserati


Professional solution for workshops

The use of a tool to carry out diagnostics on a vehicle has become normal practice in order to quickly isolate any faults and consequently carry out the reparation. Because of the fact that electronic components have become part of any vehicle, the use of a diagnostic tool has become indispensable.

The official dealer

The official dealer network has at its disposal equipment directly supplied by the vehicle manufacturer, but the multi-brand workshops require a tool that is able to carry out diagnostics on a large number of vehicle models. Multi-Brand workshops shouldn’t give up to professional performances typical of official diagnostic equipment. LEONARDO has been developed with this target: we want to give to multi-brand workshops the possibility to work with on-board electronics as they would with OEM tools (Original Equipment Manufacturer) – Reading parameters, check actuators, adaptation, codifies, proxy alignment (etc, etc).

Our tool addresses to those car workshops who want to carry out checks and diagnosis on a vast range of cars, using an advanced tool with characteristics and functionality often superior to the official tools and many more capabilities than the standard multi-brand tools available in the market. Leonardo is even easy to use thanks to a simple user interface with intuitive visual displays on a 15 inch LCD touch screen.

General specifications

Diagnostics for all onboard electronics systems that cover all the major carmakers.

The user interface is easy to use, intuitive, complete with descriptive keys.

User interface with 15 inches TFT LCD touch screen display, innovative compact design.

Separate interface unit with high-speed connections by Bluetooth (class 1 with 100m range) or by cable.


Automatic search and diagnostics of all onboard ECUs by pressing a single key (Quick Test function).

On every electronics component the following functions can be carried out:

Reading and erasing diagnostic trouble codes (DTC)

Automatic display of identifying number, hardware number, software number, and ECU manufacturer

Reading of data in real-time and display of data in numeric or graphic mode (up to 8 channels at the same time)

Check operation of actuators

Adaptation and coding (keys reinitialization, ECU configurations, coding, recoding, programming, etc…)

Technical specifications


By electricity grid using switching power supply/battery charger 100÷240VAC 50÷60Hz.

In-car 12÷24 V.

Battery life over 2 hours.


User interface: LCD TFT 15” Touch screen

Diagnostic interface with TFT LCD display with graphic information: Bluetooth status, connection status, battery voltage, interface version, etc.